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Coming Soon...Learn How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with Natural Methods on a Cruiseboat to Great Locations

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Having diabetes can be frustrating! However, did you know that thousands of Type 2 diabetics have used natural methods of reversing diabetes and were extremely successful? Why not learn these natural methods from Dr. Donna on a luxurious cruiseboat... where you can relax, enjoy great food, and take in the sights?

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Stop Wasting Time! Get Healthy Now!

Do you feel like your health is slipping away and no matter what you do, you cannot seem to get ahead of the game? Have you tried many different alternative health methods and the medical route but still things are not improving?

As the words from the Bible say, we "perish from lack of wisdom." Most likely you need new information, new wisdom to overcome your current health challenges.

Different Environment Means Different Ways to Stay Healthy

In the 1940's and 50's you could eat meat and potatoes with butter, and have plenty of milk and cream in your diet and stay healthy into your 90's.

Now, researchers and natural healing experts say our whole environment is different. The chemical revolution added hundreds of thousands of chemicals to our soil, air and water. All natural healing experts say we have to cope with toxins 100 times greater than in our grandparents' day, including heavy metals, pesticides, even personal hygiene products. Cancer, diabetes, and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are found in the least suspecting of individuals. Good exercise, a good diet and good attitude are not enough to stay healthy. There's a piece of the puzzle that is missing from the picture of health.

Right Way to Detox, Wrong Way to Detox

One of those missing parts of the puzzle is detoxification of your body's organs, the liver, colon, kidneys and blood. When we take in chemicals from our environment, our body processes them out for the most part. If our body is exposed to more chemicals than it can handle, we have to assist it in its detox mechanisms. There are right ways and wrong ways to detox and both depend upon many factors.

You'll learn not only about detoxification here at www.DrDonna.info but also all about health, nutrition and herbs. That is because detox can be accomplished successfully in many ways, through the foods you eat, drinks you drink, and herbs you take. Every month new articles will be added. Some months you will see a commentary on articles that are written so that you can develop the ability to think about the different topics from an alternative healing and natural healing perspective.

Enjoy www.DrDonna.info! We have info you won't find anywhere else!

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